The charcoal fired 4-in-1 began with a dry-aged steak

We looked for a grill that could deliver the crunchy, mouth watering flavors found in world’s finest steakhouses. The caramelized, crusty, juicy deliciousness that only high temperature searing can deliver.

Getting to proper searing temperatures of over 1000 F is serious business. Restaurants get there with commercial quality equipment, regular grills can’t get there without self destructing and with charcoal?


So the journey started with the impossible

Let’s use charcoal and wood, legendary for flavor, and create a high temperature cooking platform. Using the ancient principles of a forge, we forced air through the charcoal to superheat the coal bed to create an amazing 1100 F+ cooking zone. Yaaaay! We’ve got the heat!! Now what? The trail of destruction that followed was EPIC! 23 prototypes were melted, deformed and reduced to scrap as we learned to tame the extreme-heat beast of our creation.

24 is our lucky number because it was the 24th prototype that nailed the control, function and usability we knew we needed and it really put the fun back into charcoal. 24 had the 1100 F pizza oven underneath the coals and a traditional grill up top. 25 had the warming zone added to capture all of that wonderful heat rising to make sauces and keep food warm. 26 included the asado style grill rack and was at work delighting us less than a month after 24 smiled at us.

And now for the Baptism of Fire

40 strangers, foodies and Chefs in an Northern backyard for a grilling event. The adventure began when a friend of SteakAger, BeerGr (Chris Maas), created one of the coolest SteakAger user videos we’d ever seen. A couple of phone calls later and we were up in Pennsylvania cooking up pizzas, nachos, steaks, seafood, chicken wings and having a great time. It was a huge success and someone said we should do a Cleveland Browns tailgate to really evaluate performance…. So we drove up to Cleveland and cooked for 5 hours straight feeding an army of hungry tailgaters. It went so well we did it again at a Carolina Panthers Tailgate party here in North Carolina. Grill Influencer hosted tailgate events followed, in Chicago and Alabama, successfully introducing the Spitfire 4-in-1 to some really tough customers, folks that own every style and type of grill and bbq.

User experience helped us refine 26 into today’s Spitfire 4-in-1 and our journey is only just beginning! Post Kickstarter we’ve added new capabilities such as low and slow smoking, a griddle and plenty of accessories that you can add any time to personalize your outdoor kitchen.

The Spitfire 4-in-1 puts the fun back into charcoal and wood fired cooking delivering grilling and cooking capabilities that’ll have you smiling while you free up space on your patio so you can have more fun..