Low and Slow Smoking Kit

SKU: 860008861887

Brand: SpitFire Grills


We love smoking meat and couldn’t help creating a Low and Slow smoking option for the WildFire 4-in-1 so that when you're in the mood you can have perfectly smoked treats.

The system uses the snake method with charcoal briquettes and chunks of hardwood. Our kit includes a briquette holding rack,  deep holding rack, grease pan, meat holding rack and an upper smoking rack. You can use your pizza stone for heat balance and distribution if you chose.

Designed to hold a single pork butt in the lower section or a trimmed-to-fit brisket. The upper rack can hold trimmed-to-fit roasts and rib racks.

All 304 stainless steel construction for long life. 


  • Briquette holding ring
  • Stainless steel handle
  • Deep holding rack
  • Water /Grease pan
  • Two meat holding racks
  • A bag of your favorite classic charcoal briquettes
  • Your favorite smoking wood chunks if desired
  • Your